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Gladys N. Daniels Attorney at Law & Certified Mediator of Houston, TX, is committed to get justice for all its cases. Walk-in with your issue for a FREE initial consultation where we give you an overview of what we can do and manage your expectations.


As we know that you've guaranteed rights to get yourself heard, we'll explain you about your rights under the constitution and the approach to way forward.


Don't hesitate to contact for any kind of civil cases, because we're certain that there is always a workable solution for you.

  • Breach of contracts

  • Class action lawsuits

  • Birth defects

  • Injured children

You can be certain of getting the most of us because we have a certified civil trial lawyer who will understand your case and help you out.


Let your concern be addressed legally by us.

  • Negligence

  • Business disputes

  • Automobile accidents

  • Personal injury accidents

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