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Various Family Issues We'll Help You with

If you're facing any family issue, you can seek legal help to address your concern. We understand that family is your top-priority and that's why our legal solutions are oriented towards completely protecting your family rights.


Gladys N. Daniels Attorney at Law & Certified Mediator of Houston, TX, understands your family issues and works hard to arrive at an amicable solution.


We can provide professional legal representation for you, and we'll stand by you and make it certain you get what you deserve legally within your rights.

  • Divorce

  • Child support

  • Child custody

  • Adoptions

  • Name changes

  • Paternity

Don't think twice to call us in case of an emergency. Take advantage of our 24/7 emergency services.


You'll get a FREE initial consultation to discuss your case and its way forward.

  • Modifications

  • Enforcement

  • Visitation

  • Grandparents rights

  • Premarital agreements

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